Hey AA, I couldn't find any other picture of you except this one - so here it goes. Should remind you of your beautiful hometown. For me it reminds of having to stay hungry. I know, I should have just ordered Daal-Bhat-Tarkari (Gundruk) for lunch rather than asking for the "fancy alien" pasta on cheese sauce!! 🙂

meeting arcs in her hometown

A couple more pictures of that area follows.
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...since this picture was taken. It doesn't seem like a long time though for the memories are still vivid. 1st of January 1998 (a few days or may be weeks before this picture was taken by the way, if I remember correctly) - the whole class got punished because some of us decided to enjoy the new year's eve a bit too much...happy days!!!

Remember Bhaktapur's local raksi and chhoila anyone!?!

bsam class 12 1998
Anybody sees himself in the picture, comment please!! Especially the guy circled!!! Click for larger image.
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