Azarbaizani salad, North-African couscous, and wines from Italy to Argentina, not to mention little snacks and nibbles from who knows where - new year's eve mini-party in north-east England, and we are welcoming the year I turn THIRTY. I don't know whether I should rejoice or repent - rejoice for the life I have had so far, and the achievements that everybody keeps reminding me is better than what an average person would have achieved; or repent for not being able to accomplice what I thought I would do by the time I turned 30. I thought I had planned it all and planned it well, but of course you can't plan your life like that, and especially not me who rarely carries out things as planned, despite spending hours on planning. Anyway, lets not look at the glass half-empty, and welcome the new year wholeheartedly - the year I get out of my "twenties" and start the "thirties" of my life. Achievements and accomplishments (or lack thereof) aside, I'm pretty pleased with my life as I mostly am, and satisfied with things, as I usually am too. I look forward to a year when I think I'll finally get out of the university, hopefully with the degree that I wanted to get before I turned 30, and to a year when I hope to have a proper job for the first time in life - finally out of the 'student-life' for good!

There are good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, and everything in-between to talk of when I look back at 2008, which I'll leave for some other time. I'm already sick of seeing all those incessant 'looking-back's of the year 2008 in all the TV channels, most of the websites I frequent, and on radios and every other media you could think of. So, I'll leave my 'looking-back' for later.

Happy new year everyone!