I didn't think I'd be glued in front of my computer screen to get results of CA election in Nepal, but I am. And my fingers are tired hitting Refresh button a zillion times since early morning (in fact since last night). Defeats of MKN, Bamdev Gautam etc. are some notable surprises in the early stages. And it seems the Maoists will emerge as the largest party in the CA judging by early results.

And of course living afar, getting up-to-date information is sometimes frustrating to say the least. Websites are often slow, and some seem to have stopped working, like the kantipuronline frontpage (see screenshot), although its election results page is working fine as I write these lines.

kantipuronline frontpage screenshot
Too much traffic to handle?

The most reliable website, and with most up-to-date information I am getting so far is from MySansar - worth a click if you are trying to find out what is happening in Nepal (especially in KTM).
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