I have been trying WP 2.5 RCs over the few days on my test blog (where I tweak themes and so on), and have been really impressed with the features. Just saw the full release, and without waiting to even test it on my "test" blog, I upgraded rj... And I must say it went without a glitch. I was worried, especially as I wasn't sure if my modified K2 RC3 theme would work, as well as the old plugins. But no problem at all. In fact all of my outdated plugins, I was able to upgrade from the Dashboard with a SINGLE CLICK...Great!!!

You can find the details of all the new features HERE, but just to name a few here - the dashboard is clean and very user friendly, you can upload multiple images and insert them as a gallery on the post, one click plugins upgrade from within the dashboard (I love this feature!), allows you to add audio, video etc with few clicks etc...Although I'm an ecto user when posting entries from my own computer, these new features are definitely attractive enough for me to post from within the WordPress system once in a while, especially when I want to post multiple images and gallery. By the way, I'm writing this from within the WP system 🙂

Well done WP Developers!

Its been nearly a week since I came back to Tamale from the village where I have my household surveys ongoing. This "nearly-a-week" has actually given me some breathing space (although breathing is becoming harder by the day literally due to increasing concentration of dust in the air as Harmattan approaches). In fact the day I left the village to come back to Tamale, I had sore throat, which got better after a day or two in Tamale. But, the breathing problem with stuffy nose (started with runny nose in the village, now its the opposite!) continues. All these minor problems have however made me rest a bit and give myself a breather after a month or so of intense work. The "broadband" internet at my friend's office is working like a charm thesedays, which means either before going to work (when working in the afternoon) or after work (when I'm working early mornings), I just come around and suck the juice out of this 256kbps "broadband" with BBC podcasts downloads and updating my computer software etc. It has also given me chance to play a bit more on facebook and chat with friends on IMs. And to top it all, I just had a nice conversation (via type-chat on Skype) with my supervisor, which means I won't have to write an email to update him on my progress for a week or so!

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